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Wheel Werks, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Mike Pruess. Mike has spent his entire career in the wheel and tire business, working his way up the ladder from “tire busting” to supervisory roles and finally becoming the “chief cook and bottle washer” calling his own shots. Early on he saw an opportunity in the market.

Capitalizing on that opportunity, Wheel Werks was born. To this day we continue to innovate in a changing market that caters to both the performance enthusiast and the car or truck owner who pride themselves in “their baby” and how it looks.

Beyond that, there is the car owner who sees his/her car as just a means to get from here to there. Yet he/she has benefited greatly from all the research that is done to perfect a race car. That same type of car owner benefits from the technology we have created to resolve the problems facing the most expensive wheel and tire combinations.

Wheel Werks uses the same “apprenticeship” program Mike Pruess learned from. The difference is we now have a true wheel and tire master to learn from. We have very low turnover for the industry – all of our employees have been here for years and are experts in using our state-of-the-art equipment. That means you’ll be trusting your car to someone who cares about the work they do and is interested in having you leave happy.

Wheel Werks has one location: 123 East 3900 South, just east of the Astro Burger on State Street.

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